Cancer and other stuff


Fear not people, last week’s trauma is over somewhat. Over the past few days I’ve learnt a valuable, worthitsweightingold lesson and it’s this: that it is possible to face fear and anger head on, really let it into your heart and feel it in all its gut-wrenching agony, and then MOVE ON. Thanks to some amazingly kind words from both friends and strangers, I’ve just twigged that, actually it’s alright to feel like fear and anger have got your head and soul in a vice. Cos it doesn’t last, and facing it, dealing with it, and putting it in the box on top of the wardrobe afterwards works. It always, always feels better the next day and especially so when you win a tiny little battle against feelings you’ve often legged it from in the past, cos it’s too hard to feel them. And you know what, this tiny victory feels good. So it is possible to live with this, but IMPORTANTLY change your whole perspective on life by finding courage you never thought you had and wearing it like a shield. A great big massive shield. To anyone who took the time to scoop me off the floor last week, and you know who you are, thank you. I got through this tricky little bit by using your compassion and love as a massive crutch. Loves yas all x 🙂


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