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Willow Foundation

Everyone’s got a posse, right? This weekend, I will be heading to a beautiful house in the Cotswolds with 8 of my bestest girls. This has been arranged for us by the amazing people at the Willow Foundation, who organise “special days” for poorly people. I don’t feel poorly (except when I have to sit in the cancer room with all the bald, pale people with drips in their arms, to wait for my pills – hard to believe I was once a bald, pale person. Seems forever ago now) but apparently I qualify. Anna had to sign a form as my official ‘carer’ for the weekend – cue Lou and Andy jokes. So I will be in beautiful countryside with some of my all-time favourite girls this weekend, chatting, walking, eating and maybe a bit of singing, and I CANNOT tell you how excited I am.

The Willow Foundation was set up by Bob Wilson (apparently he’s quite a famous ex-footballer and TV pundit; means nothing to me, sorry Bob) who set up the Foundation in his daughter Anna’s memory after she died of cancer at 31. She got through hours and weeks of gruelling treatment and the inevitable emotional trauma by having lots of little things to look forward to, including quality time with her friends. I know exactly how she must have felt and the charity was set up to give anyone who needs it a bit of a break from the constant stress of hospitals and all the pain-in-the-arse admin of having a serious illness.

So thank you Anna, and Bob, and everyone at the Willow Foundation. Pictures of my gorgeous friends to follow next week…


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