Cancer and other stuff

For my girls

I’ve been thinking a lot about what to write about the time we spent in the Cotswolds last weekend and I’ve come to the conclusion that less is more. I can’t fully put into words how much these girls mean to me, but I’ll have a bit of a go. Let’s just say there was lots of laughter, a few inevitable tears (mainly from Karen who inexplicably starting sobbing in the sandwich aisle of the Co-Op, sorry Karen!) and some new friendships were formed (I’ve seen you all friend requesting each other).

Sometimes I get scared that my illness is too much for people to handle and that can leave you feeling pretty vulnerable. But the one thing I took from that weekend is that I now understand what true friendship means. It’s not going to the pub, or shopping, or moaning about men or poking each other on Facebook, although these things are also good. It’s that there’s absolutely no opt-out, no get-out clause, no matter what comes along – grief, tragedy, sorrow, whatever. That when you’re really bloody frightened and baffled and bewildered, you look over your shoulder and there they all are, about 2 steps behind and you realise they’ll never, ever leave you. And that’s as true for me as it is for the rest of them (Laura, I’m talking mainly to you here – I got your back, my love).

So here’s to my beautiful friends. You are all in my heart, always and I hope I can one day be there for you in the way you are for me (even if some of you are a bit autistic) Kisses to you all xxx


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