Cancer and other stuff

To my Daddy

So we’re halfway through the big week and so far the news has been good. The MRI was clear meaning there’s no sign of anything icky lurking in my good boob. Big relief, having a mastectomy is not fun so I was kinda keen to avoid a second one.

The other big news this week concerns my papa. Yesterday he was told that the wonky gene has come from his side of the family, that he’s a carrier too. Luckily my sisters are in the clear so as far as we know, it’s just me and pops. Which is a good result. BRCA1 mutations tend to affect women badly, hence what’s happened to me, twice, but not men. So medically it should be ok.

What I hadn’t anticipated though, was the shock and bewilderment my dad now must be feeling. I cannot imagine having to watch your baby daughter go through something like this, and it’s made worse by the fact I know he didn’t see this one coming, that he honestly believed there had been some kind of hideous mistake. And I know exactly how that feels, I’ve been there plenty of times in the last 2 years. I am so sad for him.

But Daddy, if you’re reading this, I love you to the moon and back and it’s all going to be OK, at least we know now. Maybe we haven’t always been as close as we could have been over the years but you’re honestly one of the first people I turn to when I need help and I’m so grateful for that. And hey, look at this way, you and I now share something that no-one else in the family does. And that feels nice, it’s like I’m not alone any more.

Keep being you dad xxx


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