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D Day

OK. So I went for my lung scan results today, fully expecting the news to be good – that it’s all stable, maybe even that the things in my lungs had shrunk again, particularly after the first scan showed such good results. Take your pills, come back and see us in 3 months.

Sadly though, cancer doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do and just when you think you’ve got some kind of grip on it, off it goes and does something completely different. It’s clearly a very clever disease unfortunately. Put simply, the drugs have stopped working. The drugs that lots of other women in my situation stay on for years at a time with no problems, the ones I was hoping to at least get a couple of years out of, have only given me a measly 3 months. So now it’s time to think again.

Things will change quite rapidly over the coming weeks and months I’m sure, so bear with me but on Thursday I go and see a new oncologist who is leading a trial for what are called PARP inhibitor drugs, which are particularly being used on some groups of women with BRCA1, triple negative disease. Step forward yours truly.

At the moment it looks like I might be eligible, but won’t know this until I see the doctors again on Thursday. These drugs are at a very early stage of development but so far, from what I can gather, the results are generally quite promising. So all is not lost.

Today has been a huge, huge body blow, one that I really was not expecting at all. I had done all the ‘right, think about this logically, stay positive, it’s all going to be good’ stuff, and it’s now getting harder and harder to do this when you’re continually given bad news but I’m not done yet. This horrible nasty disease has not defeated me. I’m just going to have to stay calm and focused and get those boxing gloves back on, as it’s time for the next round.

More to follow on Thursday …


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