Cancer and other stuff

Loose ends

Bizarrely my chemo was delayed on Friday and instead of being pleased, I’m a tiny bit bummed about it. The day before you have chemo, you have a blood test to make sure you are well enough. They’re mainly looking at your white blood count and your platelets (things that help your blood clot) and on Thursday, mine were both very low which has never happened before, not even on the really nasty stuff in 2009. It’s a bit of a mystery but I can only assume it’s my body’s way of saying it’s not ready. Having spent all last week gearing up for a bank holiday weekend of recovering, I’ve sort of found myself at a bit of a loose end instead. Which is obviously no big deal and actually quite nice but it’s just another example of the curveballs this stuff can throw at you. I’ll have another blood test Wednesday and if it’s high enough, chemo Thursday, but the longer it’s delayed the more it’s prolonging the whole experience and I’d really just like to get the hell on with it now. But there are some nice things on the horizon – thanks to my wonderful friends Meg and Daz, the boy wonder gets to come to Glastonbury with me in a few weeks. And I’ve spent some time today researching options for our trip to Thailand in July. So a not entirely wasted weekend, just maybe not the one I thought I was having.


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