Cancer and other stuff

A good day

I passed my blood test finally today and chemo starts tomorrow. If you read the last blog post you’ll know how pleased I am about that.

I’ve also had a good day on another level – today I did my first bit of work for Breast Cancer Care, having been accepted onto the Board of trustees last month. I’m SO pleased about this – it’s a huge charity, and one that I’ve had lots of support from over the past 2 years. They offer a lifeline to anyone diagnosed with breast cancer and they support you every step of the way, however long your journey. They’re also big into campaigning and have started some great work around secondary breast cancer and ensuring women like me get the support we need, which is so different to what you need when you have primary breast cancer (when it hasn’t spread). We shouldn’t be forgotten about or written off, we’re still people and it is perfectly possible to live a relatively normal, happy life even with this thing. I’m living proof that you don’t have to be wholly defined by breast cancer (yes a lot of my life is, it has to be, but at least I have the chance to make it on my terms) and I really hope anyone reading this in a similar situation sees that. Yes it helps I have great friends, a family who love me, fantastic employers who genuinely care how I am and a man in my life who I’ve come to love very much but it’s also about attitude. Of course I am scared, and sad a lot of the time but the majority of the time, I’m not and that’s all that matters. I work hard every day to keep life normal. It doesn’t always work but on the days it doesn’t I know I can try again the next day.

Anyway I’m really, really pleased to be a part of this charity at quite a high level now and I hope I can help make a difference. A bit Miss World but definitely true!


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