Cancer and other stuff

A big clot

Am finally home after 2 night’s in hospital. Exhausted and dazed but I know people are keen to hear the latest (from the amount of lovely texts and emails I’ve had) so I’ll keep it brief. Basically they found a whopping great blood clot in my neck caused by the portacath. Got into theatre last night, had portacath removed and am now on blood-thinning drugs to help the clot dissolve. Well supposed to be but there’s a slight additional problem in that my platelets (things that make your blood clot) are too low so I can’t actually start the drugs till they go back up. I managed to persuade them to let me come home tonight on condition that I go back tomorrow and the day after for more blood tests.

This does mean that Thailand is off for the foreseeable as too risky to fly long-haul. DVT is a high enough risk for anyone but when you’ve already got a clot, the chance of it breaking off and implanting itself in my brain or lungs is about 30 per cent. No brainer really. Could be back on as early as next week but at the moment I don’t want to go anywhere near a plane. Obviously I’m gutted but can’t help feel lucky that this happened now and not while I was over there or even worse, mid-flight. I’m also congratulating myself for plonking myself in the Royal Free on Monday and insisting someone saw me and I have to say, from the second I walked in there, every single one of them has been amazing.

That’s all I know for now, am hoping that’s the end of it for now at least and I can get on with moving house tomorrow (well, Meg, Daz, Rob and the Boy Wonder will do all the hard work seeing as I am under strict instructions not to lift or move anything heavy – thanks guys!). Does mean there is a problem for the next round of chemo. No portacath = it’s going to be hard to get the drugs in me and the veins in my arms are shot from all the chemo I’ve already had but in the long list of things I have to think about it’s about halfway down. And am hoping my shiny, lovely new team at the Royal Free will sort that out. If there’s one good thing to come out of the nightmare that has been the last 5 days it’s been that I’ve met them and finally I have confidence in the people who are looking after me.

Thanks for all your kind thoughts – I’m stunned and knackered but v glad to be back in my own bed tonight (for the penultimate night, eeeek!).


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