Cancer and other stuff

A toast to Meg

Unbelievably I’m back in hospital, this time not for the clot but because my stupid platelet count is getting worse not better. It’s a horrible coincidence that I had a clot earlier in the week when in fact if my platelets had been low THEN, I would never have got a clot in the first place! Argh! The chemo I’m on is notorious for clobbering your platelets, it’s just v unlucky it’s happened a couple of days after the whole clot business.

Anyway I had a transfusion last night and am due another blood test this morning to see if they’ve gone back up. They’re saying I need to stay all weekend, I say a very firm no chance. As lovely as the staff are, I really don’t need to be here, am perfectly well and am just taking up valuable bed space. And let’s be honest, at some point in the (hopefully very distant) future I’ll probably have to spend a lot more time in hospital so staying here, surrounded by very poorly people, is really not good for my mental state at the moment.

The house move went well, all down to lovely Meg, Rob and Daz who orchestrated the whole thing while I just wafted around not doing anything. Extra big kudos to Meg for being her usual wonderful, mummy self and spending the whole day cleaning my old flat yesterday. Really couldn’t have managed without her, not just this week but since the day we met a couple of years ago. Anyone who knows her knows she’s completely reliable, kind, funny and incredibly warm and she’s been my wing woman SO many times, despite having her own shit to deal with. Hugs and kisses to you Megan Fisher, a big pressie awaits you when I get out of here.



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