Cancer and other stuff

Still here

Sorry I know these blog posts are getting really boring now – believe me it’s boring writing them – but I’m still in hospital and not sure when I’m coming home. The platelet top-up worked but now, ridiculously, my neutrophils (immune system basically) dropped off yesterday and got worse overnight so I’m at risk of catching an infection and have been moved back to a private room which I’m not really allowed to leave. Trying to be zen-like but it’s getting tough when I’m soooooo desperate to finally spend some time in my new house and it seems to be one thing after another but am hanging in there and have had a steady stream of visitors all day to keep me occupied.

Guess that’s all I can say for the moment, hopefully it’s as bad as it’s going to get now and tomorrow things will start looking better and I might be able to go home?


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