Cancer and other stuff

Too good to be true

So there I was thinking I was on the home straight when BAM, it’s all a bit up in the air again. Just quickly – supposed to have what I thought would be my last chemo until next year today, but surprise surprise we’re back to low platelet count again so it’s delayed another week. OK no biggie except I then discover they’re taking me to the maximum 8 sessions of this drug so there’ll be one more in November (cue little voice going ohgodohgodohgod what about Thailand? But still ages away so not panicking yet). I do love Alison but she’s a bugger for moving the goalposts, I only thought I’d be having 4 or 5. Mustn’t complain though – two things I desperately wanted from this drug: for it to work and to keep my hair and I have both those things. And I went to a conference on secondary breast cancer this week and realised there are SO many women who have it loads worse than me, so blessings definitely counted (although I was a bit disappointed to hear there isn’t really much on the immediate horizon to treat triple negative cancer and that PARP inhibitors may have been overestimated. BUGGER).

What they didn’t tell me at my last scan result is that there is ‘something’ showing up round my neck which perhaps means the clot hasn’t quite disappeared. I’ve been injecting myself every day with this blood-thinning drug since July and was initially told it would ‘just’ be till December but now it sounds like it will be indefinitely. Which again, is no big deal. After the first few weeks of going “eeeeeeee, I can’t I can’t!” and making Goldenballs do it, I’ve got it off to a fine art now. Anyway they’re now bringing my January scan forward to November, and will have another look at my neck, just to be sure. Oh, and on top of that, they now think there might be something a bit odd going on with my thyroid so it’s an ultrasound and another sodding blood test next week.

So there we are. All these things in isolation aren’t really major but add them all together and it’s a bit OH FFS. The clot thing worries me the most, especially as I will be getting on a long-haul flight in 70-odd days and I really don’t want to spend the whole journey in terror that something terrible’s going to happen as we’re flying over India *shudders*.

It’s at times like these that TREATS become important and I have the ultimate treat coming on Monday… a brand spanking new car. Just because. And I feel really, really well at the moment too so that’s good. Hurrah.


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