Cancer and other stuff

Game plan

Back to see The Boss today with a firm “goingtograbthisbitchbythehornsandslapitaboutabit” attitude and we now have a game plan. I start this new drug, Taxotere, on Friday. Every 3 weeks, next CT scan (and brain MRI, you know, just to be on the safe side) after 2 cycles, so around February. Side effects don’t sound pretty – “severe muscle pain” for a few days afterwards, nails going all manky and falling off, hair loss. YUM. Then there’ll be bucketloads of steroids (which I flipping HATE) in case of allergic reactions, plus more injections of white-blood-cell boosting juice. My medicine cabinet already looks ridiculous, perhaps I can start a black market. I have to think strategically at this stage though – many of the possible drug trials coming up require you to have done at least one taxane (Taxotere – tick) and one anthracycline (FEC in 2009 – tick) so I have to do this in order to put myself in the best possible position going forward. Lovely, clever Alison already has one eye on what’s next and this is where she comes into her own – she has access to things and people many oncologists don’t and my tumours can be tested to see if I’m eligible for a new trial for triple negative cancers coming up at Harley St next year. The timing couldn’t be more crap with my birthday and Christmas coming up but it’s never a great time for this type of shizzle is it and, let’s be honest, I haven’t really got the time to waste now. So it’s bunker down for the next 6 weeks. It’s getting cold, am happy to stay in the warm and sleep. So that’s the medical plan. I’ve also been busy this week getting measured up for a custom-made, errrr, I can only describe it as a toupee. It’s made to exactly the right shape and size of your head, out of real hair, and is basically glued on. Even typing that makes me laugh, and it’s frickin’ expensive but I figure if I have to go through this all over again, I’m def not going down the NHS itchy syrup route again. I’m going for long, swishy and FABULOUS darling. Will keep you posted on that one. So cancer, you ready? Cos you can bet your bottom dollar I am, you horrible, stinking pathetic excuse of a disease. All members of Team Cancer please mobilise…


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