Cancer and other stuff


Sorry about that! Bit embarrassed now. Thankfully I am starting to feel a bit more human and promise to be brave next time and remember that the world isn’t about to end every time I have a bad time on the drugs. And actually, it needs to be bad to beat all over the cancer. My cancer twin reminded me if that today and she’s nails so you have to listen to her.

Normal service is resumed. Me and that devilishly handsome man of mine are going away for a swanky, romantic weekend, I’m booked in to get all my hair chopped off next week and it’s my birthday in a couple of weeks. Not quite the birthday I was hoping for but there WILL be cake and that’s the main thing.

Really sorry for being a big whingebag and scaring everyone. Scared myself for a bit but I think I’m back on track now.


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