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*NEWSFLASH* – the 13th fairy godmother

Since posting about the bloody hair nightmare last night, my life has since been changed by a woman I only met for the first time today, but who is one of the kindest, most wonderful people I have ever met. Through a recommendation from my cancer twin, Ellie, I went to see a lady called Julie French this morning, who will be tattooing my eyebrows and liner in January. We’ve been emailing for a while about getting a date in for it, when I told her about my ‘weave’. Turns out she knows a lot about this, as she wears a piece herself. She knew mine wasn’t going to arrive for a while, and said she had one that might be suitable that I could borrow, that had been made for someone else who didn’t have it in the end. Why don’t I come and have a look? she says. Might be good to get me through Christmas. Full of doubt and scepticism, off I trot to Holland Park this morning to be met by this glamorous, blonde little Geordie who welcomes me with a big hug, makes me a coffee and ushers me into her studio. Off comes the wig, out come the clippers (thank God) and glued onto my bald, pasty head is a sort of big skull cap with bra-length, silky dark hair. For a temporary measure, considering it wasn’t made for me and it’s not a full cover so essentially I’ve got a sort of undercut – if you lifted “my hair” (I’ve only had it on an hour and already it feels like mine, actually screw that, it’s WAY better than my own hair ever was) you’d see part of my head underneath, it’s FLIPPING AMAZING. It’s secure, it’s real hair so you wash and style as normal. It doesn’t look like a wig, or feel like one and this thing ain’t budging. I can pull and pull, it’s going nowhere so I won’t have to see my horrible bald head again for a few weeks. Bye bye sleep cap, bye bye itching and toilet bowls and hoovering twice a day. Hello mirror. Hello what looks a bit like me pre-2009 again, but a better version. I’ve gone from dreading Christmas to actually looking forward to it, in just one morning, and it’s all thanks to the 13th fairy godmother who has come along and given me, yes GIVEN ME, as a gift, some new hair. Just because she wanted to help. Amazing.


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