Cancer and other stuff


Just a quick one to say, no real update as yet. From what I can gather, Alison has passed this little problem to a colleague – Naomi Fersht – who is a brain specialist, based at Queens Square Neurological hospital. She’s reviewing the CT and MRI scans and will decide what happens from there.

Am trying to remember what happened, and can’t really – it’s all quite fuzzy. I’m going up to my friend Laura’s today (on the train – bye bye driving licence apparently), then will be back in work tomorrow. Desperate to try and regain some normality, whatever that now means. I know that brain mets can be treated very successfully so all not lost yet although yes, clearly it’s been a massive shock. Especially for my darling boy who I am worried sick about. But no doubt more will become clear in the next week or so.

Thank you to everyone who has sent well wishes and good vibes; I’m banking them all xx


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