Cancer and other stuff

Mrs Bump

Apologies, these blog updates are coming thick and fast at the moment but things obv moving quite quickly now. Which is GOOD.

I had a call from Naomi Fersht, the brain doc, this morning. The good news is the MRI didn’t pick up anything new so there’s just the one tumour that they can see, near the top of the brain which is as good as can be expected at this stage. She wants me to come in on Monday to meet the brain surgeon as it sounds like they are keen to get in and whip the bad boy out. Obviously I’m pleased things are moving but brain surgery? Sounds a bit sci-fi but am sure they do this sort of thing quite often and hopefully the recovery will be quick and I can get back to normal. Luckily my weave can just be removed temporarily while I have my Mrs Bump bandage, then it can just be stuck back on afterwards. Everyone’s a winner.


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