Cancer and other stuff


I never thought I’d consider myself ‘lucky’ to have a brain tumour but in terms of how bad it could have been, apparently I’ve had a bit of a result. It’s in a position that means it’s fairly easy to get at, there shouldn’t be any complications and I won’t need any further treatment afterwards except for regular check-ups. I saw the brain surgeon today – the most relaxed man I’ve ever met and it sounds like he does this sort of stuff in his sleep. Having a fit was the most terrifying thing that’s ever happened to me but it was a positive thing really; had it not, the little bugger could have kept growing and causing all manner of problems so they’ve caught it early and it’s totally sortable. I’ll be having the op either later this week or early next, so just sitting tight and chilling till then. Once it’s over, it’ll be a couple of weeks recuperation then starting Eribulin as planned. Oh, and then I suppose the psychological catch-up will hit eventually but for now it’s all looking as good as it can be. I’m a very lucky girl indeed.


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