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Tying the knot

After months and months of talking about it, Goldenballs and I have finally decided to get on with it and tie the knot. In typical us fashion, there was no big gesture – more a slightly drunken, giggly “well shall we just get on with it then?” and that was it. There was, apparently, a planned proposal involving a hot air balloon trip that got cancelled for the 4th time due to bad weather so I guess we/he kind of thought if we wait till we finally get to go up we could be waiting around all year for the ‘perfect’ moment. The perfect moment, for me, would have been anywhere. It really doesn’t matter. I’m not really into huge gestures and that’s never what we’ve been about. It’s what makes us us, the fact we are two equal beings, who have fun, adore each other whatever the setting and who make equal decisions about our lives together.

I couldn’t be happier – it’s all totally overwhelming but I’m used to that feeling, only this is different in that I will be marrying the man who has made me the happiest girl on the world right from the start. There is not a day that goes by when I don’t think he’s completely amazing, and every day I am astonished at how in love we are. It’s truly the best thing that ever came along in my life.

No idea where to start and I’m pretty determined not to turn this into a spectacle or a huge big expense. If you make things, can offer me a favour or lend me something, I’m likely to come after you. All suggestions welcome! We want quiet, peaceful, relaxed, fun with a monster party afterwards. That’s about all I know at the moment.

To my husband-to-be – thank you. You really are my Boy Wonder and I cannot wait to be your wife. X


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