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The power of tweet

Someone asked me the other day whether I had a “little twitter posse” and the truth is, when I think about, twitter has brought some very cool people into my life and that’s what I love about it. Anyone who follows me on twitter (@francescap79 btw) will know I’m on there A LOT. I think I’ve sent about 14,000 tweets so far. Staggering. But I get to have little chats with new people on everything – music, make-up, weddings, cancer. The wonderful thing that’s happened there is that I have ‘met’ some amazing women who are equally inspiring and passionate and interesting. I refer you principally to @ellieRjeffery, @lisalynch, @ol_cait, @is_whiz, @krispob – all of us have secondary breast cancer, all of us were in our 20s and 30s when first diagnosed. All of us face a constant battle (hate that word but it’s a horrible way to live) and uncertain futures. Certainly not the futures our ‘normal friends’ have. When one gets good news it lifts the rest of us because it gives us hope that there is hope, even in the bleakest of situations. Ellie, Lisa and I have all been treated successfully for brain metastases. All using completely different methods. For how long none of us know but it’s enough for now. Ellie and I will both be getting married within months of each other. Not bad for women with our ‘prognoses’. Another woman I have come to feel close to is @sbry (who I met in person for the first time his week, ate lemon tart with and fell in love with). The newest member of the crew, @goochdoghigh5s. A man with breast cancer, fancy that. Yes it does happen, to 300 men every year. I never would have found this network were it not for twitter and I don’t know what I’d do without sharing the ups and downs of my little twitter crew.

It’s not all about cancer though – my newest favourite boy buddy @nilesmike works in social media for @bccare which I’m on the board of. We hang out and have lots of fun regularly. All through twitter. The way I get to keep in regular contact with my wonderful friend who has two children and not in London any more but still as loved as always was, @mrslaurawood. The Bristol-Lansons contingent, @helenjthomson and @lisagstanley.

But the very favourite new friend is @mslbrewis. Long story but she’s married to a man who plays in a band that I have loved for YEARS AND YEARS. Seen them numerous times including once when I went all the way up to Sunderland to see them. She’s so lovely and friendly and nice. Thanks to twitter, aforementioned husband may be coming to sing at our wedding ceremony. I can’t even type that without chuckling to myself about how cool that is. Thank you Mr & Mrs B, and if you can’t make the wedding then you’re still my new best buds.

Anyway my (long) point is that, and this may be sad but it’s true, twitter has kinda changed my life in some ways. It’s certainly made the hard times easier, and the good times better. Cos it’s good to share with people who care about me as much as I do about them and we’re all in the same team. We’re all trying to struggle through as best we can and it helps to know we’re not alone.


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