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Dear Friends…

Peacefully and surrounded by those that love her, Francesca died today. As with everything Fran did in her life, it was planned and coordinated and entirely on her own terms.

The sadness we feel should only be for those of us left behind, that we are without her smile, her spark and her strength. She’d hate us feeling sorrow for her. Readers of this blog will know that Fran wasn’t a tragic victim. Cancer didn’t ‘beat’ Fran. She didn’t lose her ‘sad battle’. She set her shoulders and lived a life despite it. She packed her years full of adventure and love and made every day count.

What being ill gave Fran was a sense of immediacy. She stripped away everything that wasn’t true or important from her day to day and concentrated on what was authentic to her. “One plea to everyone” she said, “live an honest life. Denial only gets you so far. I made choices so that I could find Andy and luckily I did find him, but only because I was honest about how I felt.”

Fran sent an email to some of her best friends earlier this month. “Live on, be fabulous and gorgeous and never ever let anyone tell you you can’t do anything you want to do, ever. It is all there for you and I will be watching from afar, willing you on”.

Please leave any memories or messages for Andy and Fran’s family below, or email Bethm@lansons.com for a postal address and to register for memorial details. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to the incredible Marie Curie hospice in Hampstead, who made her last days exactly what she wanted. You can also donate online here: www.justgiving.com/francescamarvell

Love to all,


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